Is AttaPoll Legit? 2023 Review

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As I was casually scrolling through the App Store looking for survey apps, I stumbled this app called AttaPoll. Intrigued by its high reviews and high ratings from users, I thought, why not give it a shot? But I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical since the ratings where too positive. There are so many survey apps out there, but they usually ether have a high withdrawal requirement, or just wastes ALOT of your time. So, I decided to the test app out and see if it was the real deal.

After doing some surveys on AttaPoll for a couple weeks, I found some areas where it stands out. AttaPoll offers ALOT of surveys, a one minute guaranteed rewards survey everyday (provided you’re truthful), and the first app I’ve seen that allows you to change the frequency in which you want to do surveys.

So if you’re into surveys and on a mobile device, then you’re in luck because I will be providing an honest review on AttaPoll. So let’s begin!

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